Video interactive installation
80 x 100 cm

From the Japanese traditional game "Pachinko", the idea of creating a representation of life paths.
The disk is launched with a mechanical device controlled by the computer, then it falls throught the grid, each time it collides with an obstacle it triggers a video projected on the screen.

The grid where the disc falls, is a schematic representation of the possible paths that the life of an ordinary man can take. So when the disc enters in the grid at the top, the videos are evocations of births, when it goes out, the death.
Even the horizontal placement has a meaning. It represents the social class of the subject. If the disk runs in the right side, the social class is rich, on the other hand the left side is poor.
All Videos are invoked depending on the position of the disc, and match either the social class and the age.

Sound designer: Matteo Cucini

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Pachinko Pachinko Pachinko Pachinko Pachinko