Presente del Verbo Essere

Video interactive installation
130 x 350 x 130 cm


Liquid reality like water seeping through a leaking ceiling over shut eyes; In that precise moment, the eyelid lift up and the iris reveals blurred images in motion, as the reflection of perceived reality.
The emotional experience as a vanishing picture of existence, a pale echo that shines in the eye of whom perceives it.
An insight of present, where the time-line vanishes into a hazy future.

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Presente del Verbo Essere Presente del Verbo Essere Presente del Verbo Essere Presente del Verbo Essere Presente del Verbo Essere

The functioning of the video interactive installation makes use of:
- one projector for the playback of video images on each tray.
- one Pc connected to sixteen sensor positioned just under the trays, which feels every single water drop falling into the tray, and sends an input to the developed software ( flash application) that controls the video projection.
The video installation is made of two parts:
-a fake ceiling made of wood ( 130x130x40 cm.) fixed on the real ceiling of the exhibition area, and equipped with an idraulic system that is needed for the water to drop down.
- a wood parallelepid of the same size of the top one, positioned on the floor in line with the structure on the top. On the surface of it there are 16 clear plexyglass trays ( 30x30x2,5 cm.) containig water.Inside the structure a system of piping allows to keep the water level in the trays at a constant level, draining the the excess of water.Hidden inside,right at the center of each tray, there are 16 infrared sensors.